Wind Loads Application

Windloads is an application, which SSW have spent a considerable amount of investment in developing, which has great applications for the engineering industry and is an excellent prospect for return of investment.

Unfortunately, before the software could be finished, our partner who was responsible for the formulation of the wind loads algorithms sadly and unexpectedly passed away.

SSW is a leading software development company and would like to finish the development of this software as it has great potential.

We are currently seeking a partner to assist us with the engineering component, who has a clear understanding of Wind load science and has the relevant credentials to ensure the mathematics behind this software are sound and correct.

SSW will provide the software design, project management and marketing for this project.

If you are interested in this outstanding opportunity, please contact Adam Cogan.

Are you tired of manually calculating the wind loads of a structure? Could your time be better spent if you no longer needed to input your Wind Loads manually into the Microstran, SpaceGass or Mulitframe design packages? Look no further! Wind Loads provides a simple interface to import your structural designs from the most popular design packages, specify wind region, terrain category, topographic and shielding information, and immediately calculate the wind loads on each member. The results can then be output into the correct file format to import into your structural design program. Simple, quick and easy!